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The betting industry is constantly growing as the number of bookmakers around the world is increasing all the time. In such a dynamic betting ‘world’, there are new bookmakers established – each with its own principles and rules, new types of bets offered and new forms of bonuses provided. In order to help you keep up with all this variety, we offer a complete guide to this fascinating world free of any charge. A detailed, credible and honest profile of each bookmaker, match forecasts, the relevant statistics and all the necessary information are at your disposal, readily available on this site so you can be as informed as possible.

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The Hokejazinas.com editors are working hard to ensure that visitors are informed of all the news in the world of betting. Editors publishes news and stories from all over the world regarding how bets are placed in different markets, psychology and book reviews that might be useful to bettors, information on new bonuses offered by bookmakers, news on bookmakers’ actions (such as cooperation with clubs or federations) and news on changes in legislation and laws concerning betting.